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5G and the Factories of the Future

Il ruolo delle reti e del 5G nella re-industrializzazione del manufacturing. 

Abstract: The European manufacturing sector has changed profoundly over the last years. Europe has engaged in a steady re-industrialisation of the sector, strongly leveraging ICT enhancements, since off-shoring of production to low wage countries is neither a sustainable business strategy nor a sound source of wealth and job creation in Europe. Meanwhile, a fourth industrial revolution has started, which is fuelled by cyber-physical-systems (CPS) and Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology, to realize highly efficient, connected and flexible Factories-of-the-Future.

Fundamental to the fourth industrial revolution is the implementation of a reliable communication layer capable of dealing with an increase in several orders of magnitude the number of assets, volume, variety of information and reaction times in future manufacturing systems.