Formazione professionale Risorse Umane e Formazione sul digitale

Progetti di formazione della Unione Europea per Data Analytics

L’Unione europea ha sviluppato una molterplicità di progetti di formazione di tematiche tecnologiche e applicative di interesse delle Piccole e medie imprese. Qui viene mostrato il progetto pilota per competenze di Data Analytics  


Europeans face an everchanging world with increased digitisation requiring a greater need for digital skills. SMEs represent an important source of employment and are economic motors for the EU, yet they are often at a disadvantage to upskilling their employees and/or recruiting the skills most in demand today. 

It is in this context that the European Commission commissioned a Pilot Project to develop and test a structured programme to enable SME employees and unemployed persons to acquire the digital skills that are required in the modern work place. To represent diversity within the European Union, two very different European regions, the Region of Murcia in Spain and Lithuania were selected as test beds for the pilot programmes on Digital Skills. 

The work undertaken has been fundamentally empirical in nature, drawing inputs from a wide range of stakeholders, including SMEs and organisations working with the unemployed. The resulting insights fed into this set of Digital Skills Blueprints. The Blueprints have been developed as aids to support not just planning, but also the implementation of digital skills centred initiatives that are oriented towards those who do not currently have ready access to the means to acquire the digital skills necessary to compete in an increasing digital economy.

This Blueprint, Blueprint 4 – Introduction to Data Analytics, provides guidance on the content, structure and resources, providing decision makers in SMEs or unemployed people with ICT backgrounds with skills relating to Data Analytics concepts and the tools that would enable them to better understand the data generated within their business and take decisions based on that data.